How to Wash the Optical Glasses After It Being Coated?
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The cleaning condition of optical glasses fall into cleaning before coating and cleaning after coating. The fabricator shall use special cleaning agent for uncoated glass with different cleaning methods, according to different pollutants before and after coating.

1. Cleaning method before coating

The main pollutant before coating is core oil(which is also called edge grinding oil. ), fingerprint and dust, etc. Because of the demanding cleanliness of glasses during the coating process, it is extremely important to choose the right cleaning agent. Considering the cleaning ability of some kind of cleaning agent, other problems like its corrosivity should also be taken into account.
The cleaning method before coating is usually the same as the method after coating.

2. Cleaning method after coating

It usually includes cleaning before painting, cleaning before jointing, cleaning before assembling, among which is the cleaning before jointing(jointing means connecting the two lenses with photosensitive adhesive to form the demanded shape, to solve the problem that sometimes the glasses can’t be successfully formed at the first time, or so that we can manufacture lenses with special curvature and light transmittance) most strictly demanded. The main pollutants before jointing are mixtures like dusts and fingerprints which is easy to clean. But the surface cleanliness of lenses is highly demanded. Its cleaning method is the same with the two previous cleaning process. The coating layer can be easily damaged by strong alkaline substances, therefore, instead of cleaning with Strong alkaline cleaning agent,it should be cleaned with dedicated after-coating optical glass cleaning agent. This cleaning agent is very cleansing without hurting the layer which can therefore perfectly protect the layer. All in all, after the optical glass is coated, the general proposal is to clean it with professional after-coating optical glass cleaning agent.


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