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Dome Lens
Optical Domes, Dome lens, custom dome, Fused Silica dome lens

Optical domes are lenses with two concentric spherical surfaces. Sometimes they are being referred to as bent plan parallel plates. Consequently it is customary to define parallelism between two surfaces as the maximum thickness variation between the two surfaces.

In perfect domes the convex radius is equal to the sum of the dome thickness and concave radius.

Slight departures from that rule are sometimes desired. Optical domes are used in IR missiles, for underwater photography as part of protective case and as a part of sun tracking solar collectors.


At CLZ Precision Optics , we specialize in manufacturing glass optical Domes from customer supplied designs. Capable of creating sizes from 8mm to 110mm in Diameter. We are among the very few manufacturers in the world who possess this technology.

CLZ Precision Optics manufacture domes are fabricated from quartz, optical glass, silicon, etc. in sizes up to 110mm diameter with included angles to 180 degrees and dimensional tolerances to +/-20 microns. Manufactured on a highly repeatable 4-axis spherical machining center, they exhibit less than 20 microns wall thickness variation.

Featuring surface accuracy to less than 1 fringe measured at 633nm and finishes to 20-10 scratch-dig per MIL-PRF 13830, CLZ Precision Optics manufacture domes are well suited for a wide variety of applications including underwater photography as part of protective case , viewports, and other front surface optics requirements.

Optical Domes are priced according to material, size, part, geometry and quantity.

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